Hey guys!

This Sunday I attended a networking brunch and I had to show out a little bit. Lately I've been attending quite a few networking events. My goal is to not only spread the word about myself and my business but to also get better at networking. Each event I attend I set a goal for how many business cards I want to distribute. Usually the number is around 20, depending on the type of event. This netwokring brunch was a smaller event and I only ended up handing out 6 business cards. Hopefully I can get over my hump of being nervous and just become the networking queen I know I can be.

Even though it's still winter, the spring weather was flirting with me, so I had to bring out these amazing lace up thigh high boots. While on the way home, I discovered this super cool spot in Bushwick so why not take pictures right?!

Low Cowl Leotard : Stylish Trendy Clothing

Jeans: Nordstorm

Shoes: special find while in Philly

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