Foodie : The Mac Shack

Hey guys!

I went to the Mac Shack in Brooklyn 2 months ago but was so excited and hungry I forgot to take a picture. Recently I ordered from The Mac Shack off of ubereats and I remembered to stop and get a picture. I got their buffalo mac and cheese and added some chicken to it. OMG! So cheesy and so good! Now I'm a lover of anything buffalo and anything spicy. Because it was buffalo mac and cheese I was expecting a little more heat, but it was a nice amount of a buffalo taste still. If you love macaroni and cheese and are in the brooklyn area, i definitely would suggest to try out the mac shack. And I would also just like to add that they are a black owned business and have several locations throughout brooklyn.

Here's an ubereats code for eats-shelbyc14131ue for $5 off your first order!

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