Foodie: Patron Mexican Grill

My best friend, Camille and I decided to have a girls night out and I've been wanting to try Patron Mexican Grill forever. I totally forgot to take pictures of our starter drinks, we each had 2 rounds of margaritas. Which were pretty good, not too strong where you feel like you're drinking tequila with a splash of margarita mix, but also strong enough to feel a buzz. I ordered the chicken quesadillas, which came with Spanish rice, black beans and crema on top. I'm not a fan of black beans so that went untouched, but everything else? Delicious! Camille ordered the chicken tacos which also came with black beans and Spanish rice. After we cleaned our plates we ordered a long island iced tea fishbowl. We ordered the smaller sized fishbowl, the menu stated it was good for 2 people, when in actuality it was only for one. A bit disappointing. Other than that I give Patron Mexican Grill a 10/10. I will be going back for more chicken quesadillas.

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